Taconic State Park - Rudd Pond Area (2022)

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Pet Policy

A maximum of two pets are allowed in campsites and day use areas unless prohibited by sign or directive. Pets are to be supervised at all times and either be crated or on a leash not more than 6-feet in length. Proof of rabies inoculation shall be produced if requested by staff. Pets are not permitted in playgrounds, buildings, golf courses, boardwalks, pools and spray-grounds or guarded beaches (this does not apply to service animals).


Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day season and weekly boating permits are avavilable as well as rentals.

Additional Trails

Located nearby, the Harlem Valley Rail Trail is a picturesque paved trail for running, walking and biking. A portion of the Appalachian Trail can be accessed near Taconic State Park.

Taconic State Park - Rudd Pond Area (1)

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Taconic State Park is located along 16 miles of the Taconic Mountain Range, sharing a border with Massachusetts and Connecticut. Two developed areas, Copake Falls and Rudd Pond, offer an extensive trail system with terrain that varies from easy to challenging, offering spectacular views.

Rudd Pond has 15 tent sites and 26 tent platform sites, each providing campers with grand views of the ridge, pond, and nearby countryside. Each campsite has a picnic table and a camp fire ring and grill. Comfort stations and a hot water shower house are conveniently located in the campground. Campers or day visitors to the Rudd Pond area can participate in a wide variety of activities including swimming, picnicking, hiking, and biking. Families and individuals alike will enjoy boating on the scenic 64 acre pond. Motorized boating is not permitted, however, rowboats and canoes are available for rental from the park. Visitors who possess regional boating permits (available for purchase at the Park Office) are also welcome to launch their own rowboats, canoes, or kayaks. A variety of fish, including bass, sunfish and pickerel, inhabit the pond and fishing is permitted with a New York State Freshwater Fishing License. Licenses are available for purchase from nearby locations in town. In the winter months, visitors can ice skate and fish on the pond, conditions permitting.

In season deer and bear hunting (rifle/shotgun/bow), turkey hunting (bow/shotgun), rabbit/hare hunting, squirrel, fox and ruffed grouse hunting are permitted. Small game season begin November 1st. A New York State hunting license is required. Please be aware that Taconic State Park property encompasses land in both Columbia and Dutchess Counties. Please adhere to the appropriate regulations set forth by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The use of handguns are not permitted in any state parks. No youth hunts.

*Note: Swimming will be available in the northern part of the park in the Copake Falls area.

Tentrr Camping: Furnished Canvas Wall Tents

Tentrr is now at Taconic State Park in the Rudd Pond area. Take the hassle out of camping and spend more time enjoying the outdoors. With a fully-equipped canvas wall tent all set up and ready for you, it really is a better way to camp.

Two walk-in Tentrr sites are located along Iron Pond, just south of Rudd Pond. This small pond is great for those that want to get away from the crowds and fish along the shoreline for Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, and Panfish.

Please visit the Tentrr website for additional information about camping in Taconic State Park with Tentrr, or to check availability and make reservations.

Don't miss these popular destinations and attractions within or near the park:

  • Harlem Valley Rail Trail - once a rail line extension of New York City, it is now a picturesque trail with interpretive signs
  • Taconic State Park, Copake Falls area - another area of Taconic State Park to the north with cabins, hiking and more.
  • Village of Millerton - Just a six minute drive from Rudd Pond, experience what BudgetTravel.com calls "One of America's 10 Coolest Small Towns." Millertown features a small cinema, the Harney & Sons Tea Shop, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, numerous antique stores, as well as access to the Dutchess County portion of the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.
  • Appalachian Trail - a portion of the AT can be accessed near Taconic State Park

Current Water Quality - Beach Results

Pet Policy: A maximum of two pets are allowed in campsites and day use areas unless prohibited by sign or directive. Pets are to be supervised at all times and either be crated or on a leash not more than 6-feet in length. Proof of rabies inoculation shall be produced if requested by staff. Pets are not permitted in playgrounds, buildings, golf courses, boardwalks, pools and spray-grounds or guarded beaches (this does not apply to service animals).

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Hours of Operation

  • Park is open year round, sunrise to sunset, weather and conditions permitting.
  • 2022 Swimming:Memorial Day -Labor Day
    8am-6pm (non-guarded)

  • 2022 Camping Season: 5/27 - 9/4

    Reserve through Reserve America, 1-800-456-CAMP or online at www.ReserveAmerica.com.

    *Please note within the camping season time frame, some loops/sites may open later or close earlier. For more details, please call the park or visit http://www.newyorkstateparks.reserveamerica.com

  • Boating: 5/28-9/5. Boat rentals available.

Fees & Rates

Most New York State Parks charge a vehicle use fee to enter the facility. Fees vary by location and season. A list of entry fees and other park use fees is available below. For fees not listed or to verify information, please contact the park directly.

The easy-to-use Empire Pass card is $80- and your key to all-season enjoyment with unlimited day-use entry at most facilities operated by State Parks and the State Dept. of Environmental Conservation including forests, beaches, trails and more. Purchase online or contact your favorite park for more information. Learn more about our Admission Programs including the Empire Pass.

  • Boating
  • Season Permit: $30
    Weekly Permit: $10
    Boat Rental: $10/hr (up to 3 hours); $40/day (24 hour day); $100/week
    Deposit: $25
  • Camping
  • $15-$22/night

    Out of State Surcharge: $5 per night

  • Vehicle Entrance Fee
  • $7/car

    Collected weekends only, Memorial Day through Labor Day.
    Non-Profit Bus: $35
    Commercial bus: $75

  • Tentrr Camping: Furnished Canvas Wall Tents
  • For up-to-date pricing, availability, and to make camping reservations, please visit the Tentrr website.


Taconic State Park - Rudd Pond Area (2)

New! Download this park's digital map to your iOS Apple and Android device.

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Firewood source maps show a 50-mile radius from which untreated firewood may be moved to this campground. For more information see firewood restrictions.

  • Firewood Source Map (pdf)
  • Trail Map North (pdf)
  • Trail Map South (pdf)
  • Campground Map (pdf)

Bezaleel Rudd, who served as an officer in the Continental Army, first settled the Rudd Pond area with his family in the early 1800s. The land remained sparsely inhabited and in 1924 was purchased by the Taconic State Park Commission, which built a bathing house, road, and campsites. In the 1930s, the area's road, trails, and parking lot underwent renovation and expansion by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Rudd Pond has become a popular destination for visitors who enjoy its many outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, and boating.

Taconic State Park Hunting Map

Obtain Permit (No Cost) from the Park Office to be displayed in vehicle dashboard while hunting. Office hours vary - call ahead.

Big Game:

Deer and Bear archery season (early bow): 10/1 to 11/20.

Deer and Bear late bow: 12/14 to 12/22.

Deer and Bear Crossbow: 11/7 to 11/20

(Video) Taconic state park camping

Deer and Bear regular season (rifle/shotgun): 11/21/20 to 12/13/20

Deer and Bear muzzle loading season: 12/14/20 to 12/22/20

Note: Columbia County allows rifles - Dutchess County is shotgun only (Rudd Pond).

Small Game:

No Rabbit Hunting

Turkey, archery and shotgun: Fall season: 10/17 to 11/1 Spring season: 5/1 to 5/31.

Squirrel (Shotgun only): 11/1/19 to 2/29/20

Fox (Shotgun only): 11/1/19 to 2/14/20

Ruffed grouse (Shotgun only): 11/1/19 to 2/29/20

No waterfowl. No migratory birds. No reptiles. No amphibians. No youth hunts. No handguns. No target practice.


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